Finder's Fee

Do you have exceptional interpersonal skills?  Profit by recruiting investors to one of the top performing hedge funds in the world:  


return before fees.png

The Gabriel Private Alpha Fund returned +143% before fees since inception. 

Your Finder's Fee would be approximately

$71,877.00 to $129,378.00

 for every $1 million recruited for the last twenty-four months alone.  

(updated 1/1/2022)



     Our terms are simple:  For thirty-six months we pay you 20% of all fees received from an investor that you helped recruit.  This amounts to approximately $71,877.00 to $129,378.00 for every $1 million recruited after just twenty-four months.     

     If you wish to receive a Finder's Fee and know a qualified investor (generally a person with a net worth of $2.1 million or more), send us a message

Final Finder's Fee is determined by the Fund's performance and subject to the terms of the contract with the investor.  Past performance does not guarantee future results.